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Prank your friends with overwhelming WhatsApp calls

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*We have developed this tool for fun. We are not responsible for any illegal use.

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What is Whatsapp Call Bomber?

A WhatsApp call bomber is a tool used to flood someone's WhatsApp account with an overwhelming number of incoming calls. The intention behind this attack is to disrupt the target's communication, making it difficult for them to use their device effectively.

Features of WhatsApp Call Bomber

  • Large number of incoming calls to a particular person or group within a short amount of time.
  • Overload the recipient's device with calls, disrupting communication.
  • Potentially cause the recipient's device to freeze or become unresponsive.
  • How to Use WhatsApp Call Bomber?

  • Enter the WhatsApp number in the box above.
  • Click start Bombing.
  • On the next page, verify the recaptcha.
  • Now the bombing will start.
  • Disclaimer: We use WhatsApp API for working of this tool. We are not associated with WhatsApp or Meta Inc in any way. All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners.